Kevin Lee Gets His Head Cracked by Edson Barboza But Survives in Dominant Win

Kevin Lee is a bad dude and he proved it again Saturday night in Atlantic City. The “Motown Phenom” was fired up and had no fear of getting in the octagon with fearsome striker Edson Barboza. The fight was everything fight fans were expecting and then some. Kevin stuck to his game plan of wrestling and keeping the dangerous striker Barboza on the ground. That strategy worked to perfection the first couple rounds and it looked like the ref could stop the fight at any moment.

Levin landed 65 strikes in the first 2 rounds, while Edson only connected on 7. That is is domination but everyone knows just one of Edson’s kicks can change everything.

In the third round, Lee continued to put a beating on Barboza until the Brazilian landed a wild spinning heel kick that landed right across the top of Lee’s head. Lee was loose spaghetti and nearly face-planted onto the canvas, but somehow managed to dive in for a cover-up take down attempt on Barboza.

Barboza still could have finished the severly dazed Lee but had little in the tank. Kevin got his head back in the fight and went on for more ground and pound. He wanted nothing of Edson’s kicks.

In the fifth round, a ringside doc stopped the fight due to a nasty cut over Barboza’s eye. After the fight kevin called out Khabib. That would be a nasty war, Khabib vs Lee, perhaps a fight of the year if it ever happens. If Conor McGregor was watching the fight, he should be scared, very scared. The talent level at 155 pounds is scary and any of the top 5 guys could beat-down McGregor badly. 2018 will be an interesting MMA year.