Khabib Nurmagomedov Destroys Edson Barbouza At UFC 219 Then Calls out McGregor

Anyone that is a contender in the UFC’s Lightweight division should take notice, Khabib is a nasty, ruthless fighter, that looks nearly unbeatable. Nurmagomedov, 25-0, made easy work of highly touted Brazilian fighter Edson Barboza.

In what turned out to be the most exciting of the fight, Khabib pounded Barboza for three rounds, mauling him over and over again in a dominatiing fight. UFC 219 has a new star and that is Khabib. The Russian has a mystique about him that puts fear in anyone who dares get in the cage with him.

In a match-up that many thought could be Nurmagomedov’s first loss, he dominated every round and nearly finished Edson in the 2nd. After the fight Khabib had a few words for Conor, but didn’t talk s#*t about the Irish mega-star. Many fight analysts think Khabib would be the greatest threat to Conor’s title. Others think Conor would get pounded into retirement and never return to the UFC after the beating the Russian would deliver on McGregor. One thing is for certain, Khabib is not afraid of Conor and wants the fight. Conor is the one who should be afraid. Not only could Khabib take the belt away from McGregor, but make him look average, kind of like Floyd made him look average.

Post fight, the Russian fighter said, “I can get in the octagon with anybody, I don’t even worry about Conor. After he spends all of his money he will want to fight.” With a $100 Million payday thanks to Floyd Mayweather, that might take a lifetime to spend. If Conor decides to comeback he will be facing two of the toughest guys ever in the lightweight division, Tony Ferguson and Nurmagomedov. Either of those two guys could stalk down Conor, stand with him and knock him out.
The big question is, does Conor want any of Ferguson or Khabib?

According to Dana White, the UFC is working out a new deal for Conor. If Conor comes back he will surely be guaranteed millions, but he will have to step his game up if he wants to remain UFC lightweight champion. As for Khabib, he wants to fight again asap and hopefully in Russia. 2018 is going to be an awesome year fight fans! A Khabib vs. Conor fight could be the dream match-up of the decade.