Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Conor McGregor For a Possible April 2018 Bout

These days it seems everyone wants a piece of the Conor McGregor money train. Now, Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao says he wants to fight Conor. He’s already contacted McGregor and wants a fight as early as April of 2018. Perhaps Pac has his eyes set on an easy fight and a potentially huge payday.

Pacquiao last fought back in July of 2017 and lost a close WBO title to largely unknown Jeff Horn down in Australia. Manny, 38, seriously wants to fight at least one more time and with a chance to make $100 Million or more, why not Conor McGregor. Pac said that talks have not gotten serious but both sides have started talking. So far McGregor’s camp has not made any announcment about Conor’s interest in a fight next spring.

McGregor has a lot to think about if he wants to fight again. Some are saying there is a very real possibility he’ll retire at just 29. If Conor comes back to the UFC, he would be facing the toughest competition of his life and guys that have zero ring rust. This includes bad a*s Tony Ferguson who is dying to get a piece of the Notorious and a mega paycheck.

The issue with Conor is maintaining his aura so he can command those multi-million dollar fights. If he returns to the UFC and gets beat easy, then there might not be as much interest for him to fight, either in the UFC or as a pro boxer. If he boxes again and gets beat easily by Pacquiao, then he could tarnish his legacy and might not bring in the huge UFC numbers is he goes back to MMA.

This is of course not a bad position for Conor to be in but he needs to be smart about it. Does he go for a UFC fight, make $6-$10 Million and maybe lose, or try and fight a boxing legend, not hurt his image and walk away with $50 Million or more?

Conor, still in his prime at 29, has not fought in the UFC since November of 2016. That’s more than a year out of the octagon. Dana White wants his “meal ticket” back in the octagon and up until recently, wanted him on the New Year’s UFC 219 card on December 30th.

Word is that the UFC is in talks to completely redo Conor’s contract and that means, you guessed it, more money for the Irish phenom. Whether the UFC will support Conor in another boxing match remains to be seen. The UFC was involved with the Conor vs Floyd fight, but Dana White promised that was a one time event. What do you think? Should Conor get back in the UFC’s octagon or take the big money and fight Pac?