McGregor and Khabib is Going Down at UFC 229

A lot of people thought Conor McGregor would be facing a jail sentence this fall and not a mega-fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Others, thought Conor was afraid to face-off against Khabib, who has been annihilating everyone in his path.

Now, the two fighters with meet October 6th in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile arena, with the 155 pound lightweight title on the line. It will be one of the biggest fights in the history of the UFC and a much needed boost for the promotion.

While some so called fight experts believe Conor has a chance in the stand-up game, Khabib has been mauling his opponents with ease. The Russian Bear is also undefeated. Conor has gone 2-2 in his last four bouts, including a lopsided boxing beatdown by the hands of Floyd Mayweather.

Khabib is focused and doesn’t seem to care about titles, fame or money. He cares about beating the s*#t out of Conor and breaking his will. If the Russian fighter takes McGregor down, he could re-arrange Conor’s face to the point his girlfriend won’t recognize him. The only shot Conor has is to keep it standing and hope for a quick TKO.

Conor has had serious cardio issues in the past. The longer the fight goes, the more it favors Khabib taking Conor down and inflicting brutality on the Irishman. One thing is for certain, the MMA world is jacked for this fight.