Michael Bisping Calls out Yoel Romero to Clean his Backside


There is a big showdown brewing between current 185 pound middleweight champ Michael Bisping and number one contender Yoel Romero.  Bisping has been going the Conor McGregor route and talking some serious smack to Romero.  The insults got downright dirty.  Bisping poked fun at Yoel’s horrible english and challenged him to spell the English word – steroid on a live call in show.  Yoel got pissed and hung up the phone.  Bisping wasn’t done yet. He went on to say Yoel can’t even control his Sh#*t and referred to the dirty photo of Romero apparently losing control of his bowels in the middle of a fight.  The insults are sure to get more intense once these 2 fighters are set to face off.

While Bisping thought the fight with Yoel might go down May 13th at UFC 211, it looks like this battle will have to wait. The UFC currently has Bisping scheduled for a super-fight with former welterweight champion George Saint Pierre.

That fight makes more sense to Michael Bisping, both from a professional level and definitely financially. With the Romero fight, Bisping would only make a fraction of what he’d make fighting GSP.  Yoel is also a devastating fighter that has ran through the 185 pound UFC division and could easily KO Micheal.

If Bisping makes it through GSP, then a title fight with Yoel Romero could happen in the fall.  If it does, we could see the first ever Cuban UFC champion or Michael hang onto his belt.