MMA Fighter Pearl Gonzalez Cleared for Fight After Review of Breast Implant Rules

Coming into a big fight at UFC 210 in upstate New York, Pearl Gonzalez was hoping to make a name for herself.  She just didn’t expect to get her 15 minutes of fame and worldwide attention just for having breast implants.  It seems the issue stems from the New York State Athletic Commission, and rules last updated on December 9th 2014.  The rules are related to boxing, but have been widely implemented to cover the recently approved legalization of MMA in New York.  It reads, “Due to concern over rupture, boxers who have breasts implants are not allowed to box in NY.”  However, boxers who have had surgery to reduce their breasts are allowed to fight.

Earlier in the day Thursday, several prominent MMA reporters falsely reported Pearl was pulled from the card.  This created a media frenzy that perceived the female MMA fighter was being banned just because she had breast implants.  Thankfully, NYSAC officials made an announcement that she will fight after all and quited the media storm.  The UFC will now get some extra promotion that they surely will need ahead of UFC 210.

I already did it
I already did it

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