MMA Ring Girl Gets Sucker Punched After Fighter Loses Bout


MMA fighters are a different sort of breed.  They are tough as they come and can withstand going toe to toe round after round.

There’s just one thing that will break them, losing a fight.  In a recent Titan FC promotion fight in Florida, MMA fighter Andrew Whitney accidentally turned and threw a punch after hearing he’d lost.

Seemingly out of disbelief and frustration, he turned and threw a random punch.  The only problem was a ring girl was standing right behind him and got whacked.  To everyone’s surprise, she didn’t flinch and was not knocked out.  The fight doctors on call examined the unidentified ring girl and determined she was just fine.  On second thought, maybe Andrew isn’t that tough of a fighter.  After all, he just threw a punch at a ring girl and not only did she not get knocked out, she didn’t flinch!