Is NBA Great Tim Duncan Thinking of a MMA Career?


If anyone thinks that Tim Duncan has lost his competitive fire after retiring from the NBA, think again. The former 15 time all-star has been training MMA and he looks like a beast. With a 7’3″ wingspan, he has a reach almost no-one in the world can match. By comparison, Jon Jones has an amazing 87 inch reach, but that’s still no match for Duncan.

So fight fans want to know if Tim is just training to stay in shape, or does want to compete inside the octagon? Could you imagine Tim squaring off against the likes of Brock Lesnar? For the time being, it looks like he’s just staying active and picking up a new sport, but you never know. We all know Timmy to be a mild-mannered player, but his competitive juice is as strong as anyone on the planet.
Recently, a new video emerged showing Duncan going full Muay Thai and throwing down some vicious blows on his much smaller sparring partner. The impressed trainer, Jason Echols had this to say to Bleacher Report. “He is an animal” It’s a different thing than what you see out there on the court. The more intense the training gets, the more calm he becomes, which we have seen on the court. The way he executes, he is a f#@!ing monster.” Echols went on to say, “just interacting with him and punching him, I connected with a right hook and his elbow caught the inside of my bicep and just tore it right off, just from moving around,” said the impressed trainer. “Whatever pace I am at, he sets it. The roaring lion is his passion to learn and pick up the movements. Tim is really really passionate and into the idea of martial arts, it is really cool to watch.”
Echols went on to say Duncan “would be a legit competitor for sure. He has the desire to learn and compete along with the heart. I would highly encourage him not to compete. I would no want him to go out there and get punched and kicked by some of the top guys, but he would be a competitor.”  Echols said “Tim had the passion for the sport and to learn from day one. When he walked through the door, I could see that he was hungry to learn martial arts. His movement and absorption of martial arts was just phenomenal. You could really see the athleticism that exists in him already.”
With amazing hand eye coordination, matched to a powerful 7 foot frame, fighting Tim Duncan sounds horrifying. In public, Duncan is a mild mannered laid back kind of a guy, but as soon as he gets in the ring, he’s a roaring lion. Who knows, maybe Tim will pursue a mixed martial arts career in the future and it absolutely won’t be embarrassing like CM Punk’s. Tim Duncan has some serious striking skills. A PPV event featuring Duncan might not be as big as Conor vs Floyd, but millions would still tune-in.