NBA Star Blake Griffin Trains MMA with Donald Cerrone


NBA Superstar Blake Griffin likes to mix up his off-season training.  You can see him on the beach volleyball courts, working out with world class sprinters and now in MMA gyms.  He likes to keep in shape in the summer months and do low impact cross training to keep his body in shape but also rested.

One of the key reasons Blake wanted to train in MMA was to get an advantage over players that were constantly holding him.  Griffin explains that there’s a lot of dirty grabbing and holding going on down low.  He wants to be able to shake the defender and also send a clear message to his opponents that he will fight back.  That’s where the idea for MMA training came in.  Blake got a hold of Donald Cerrone and decided to do some intense training with the UFC fighter.

They hooked up at Triton Mixed Martial Arts Center in Redondo Beach California.  Donald is one of the tallest lightweights in the UFC at 6 feet, but he looks like a midget standing next to Blake Griffin at 6’9.  Blake warmed up with some foot drills and then goes right into some heavy boxing drills.  Cerrone was impressed and thinks Griffin has some serious boxing skills.  The training then went into head movement and balance drills.  It seems Griffin is a natural MMA fighter and throws some serious punching power.

This begs the question, could Blake Griffin actually have a career in MMA?  That’s probably a definite no, but you never know.  Griffin makes way too much money playing basketball and is under a long term contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.  The LA baller does enjoy cross training in mixed martial arts and has plans for future MMA sessions.  Currently Griffin is sidelined with a big toe injury, but he has plans to start intense off-season training this summer.