Paige VanZant Fires a Punch to the Gut of Criss Angel


Magician Criss Angel seems to like punishment, lots of it. The street magician dreamed up a crazy stunt involving UFC fighters for his new special Trick’d. The show has Criss traveling about the country freaking regular people out with his insane magic and also meeting up with some celebrity guests.

In one of the stunts, Angel allows several UFC stars to hit him as hard as they can, right in the gut. The magician of the decade wanted to see how he could handle a strike from a top level UFC fighter. Apparently not too good. Paige VanZant seemed to take immense pleasure in knocking the s**t out of Criss. She hit him so hard Criss stumbled about 10 feet back and it looked like he was going to throw up. There is some real magic in the fists of Paige VanZant.