Paige VanZant does a Sexy Promo Video for Reebok


There’s been a lot of controversy about the UFC Reebok deal.  A lot of the fighters think the deal sucks. They don’t feel in control of their marketing and sponsor dollars. Lots of fighters and fans think the Reebok UFC collection is also just so plain and makes the fighters look too uniformed.

Well, apparently Paige VanZant has breathed a little sexiness into Reebok. She posted a sexy video displaying all the awesome attributes of the new Reebok workout line.  She told all her drooling fans to go to her personal bio page, hit the link and get some.  Paige is not only an up and coming female MMA star, but one hot product pitch woman. Reebok made one smart move signing Paige.  She has finally made a boring brand oh so sexy.

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