Pumped Dana White says UFC 217 Did 1 Over Million PPV Buys

George Saint Pierre brought the fire and by all indications sold the sh*t out of his come back fight in New York. Dana White predicted UFC 217 would be huge and he was dead on. White said the fight was trending in Canada to beat all previous MMA PPV numbers. It seems the Canadian fans were crazy to see GSP back in action. The fight sold so well, it blew away Mayweather vs McGregor ppv buys in Canada. UFC 217 is trending to do over 1 Million PPV buys and Dana White is pumped up.

It seems White was optimistic the Madison Square Garden event would do 1 Million buys, but he was jacked it’s trending to blow that number away. It seems fight fans missed GSP a whole lot.
If those numbers hold, it will be the top PPV event of 2016. This is a much needed boost for the promotion, after big stars like Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones were delivered long suspensions after failing PED tests.

White also announced after the fight that GSP would take on Robert Whittaker for the middleweight title next. This is a huge plus for the Australian Whittaker, who will surely get his biggest payout yet for a fight against GSP. Now all Dana needs to do is get Conor back in the cage asap. Maybe down the road the UFC can put together a fight for the ages, GSP vs Conor McGregor. That would be crazy and possibly shatter all MMA PPV numbers.

I already did it
I already did it

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