Robert Whittaker Brutalizes Jacare Souza

One of the most anticipated bouts of UFC’s fight night Saturday on Fox was the match-up between Robert Whittaker and the feared Brazilian Jacare Souza.  It did not disappoint to say the least.  It just turned out totally different than anyone anticipated.  The Australian Whittaker put on a near perfect performance, with top level striking that stunned the Brazilian.  The blows came often and connected over and over again on Jacare’s face.

Despite trying to utilize his takedown and Jujitsu, Jacare could not hold down the Aussie.  In the first round Jacare got a clean take down but Whittaker reversed it and quickly got back up to his feet.  Then the game totally changed for the rest of the fight.  The striker from down under landed consecutive jabs, kicks and uppercuts to Jacare’s head.  This was a smart game plan, as Whittaker only has a purple belt in Juijitsu, while Jacare is one of the most talented black belts on the planet.

Jacare did get a few punches in, but seemed too fatigued to really put anything on them.  He just couldn’t keep up with the pace of Whittaker, who seemed to connect 5 times more than Jacare.  Just when everyone thought the acclaimed Brazilian might make a comeback and take down the Aussie, Whittaker landed a vicious leg kick that nearly put the lights out on Jacare.  A few moments later, Whittaker went in for the kill and pounced.  He landed an elbow to the head of Jacare and a few more power punches, when the fight was mercilessly stopped at 3:28 of round two.  There is now a new contender for the 185 pound division.

Post fight, Whittaker did not seem too shocked and asked for a match-up with Michael Bisping next.  Robert Whittaker might not look like the most fearsome fighter in the middleweight division, but he sure is delivering impressive wins.  He’s now 6-0 and ready to take on anyone. Will he fight Bisping next or face the Cuban Olympic terror – Yoel Romero?

If he fights Romero, there is a near 100% chance the Cuban will take him down and keep him down.  The only chance Whittaker has against Romero is to replicate the fight against Souza, keep it standing and wear out the Cuban.  If Whittaker faces Bisping, it will be a striking battle no doubt, a match of wills and stand-up skills.  Will the Australian MMA sensation keep his win streak going? Or, will opponents find his weaknesses and put him in the loss column?  At 25, all we know is Robert has a bright future and is one of the most popular Athletes now down under.

Jacare Souza on the other hand now has to make a long journey back into contention in the 185 pound division.  At 37 it will be a tough uphill battle, but with a new 8 fight contract just signed before Saturday’s bout, he is ready.  For Whittaker, a new UFC MMA star has been born.

I already did it
I already did it

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