Ronda Gets Nasty in WWE Debut – B**ch Slams Stephanie McMahon

Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey was finally back in action last weekend, this time in the WWE ring. It’s been over a year since Amanda Nunes stomped Ronda with a quick TKO victory and forced her into retirement. Now, the former MMA star can thankfully win via fake fights.

Everyone that tuned into her WWE debut knew she was going to “win” at WrestleMania 34. Rousey took on Stephanie McMahon and hubby Triple H in the New Orleans Superdome. She teamed up with wrestling legend Kurt Angle to beat down Stephanie and Triple H. The crowd seemed to enjoy Ronda’s debut almost as much as she did and none other than UFC bossman Dana White was in attendance. Rousey wore a sexy rowdy T-shirt, strolled in the arena on a motorcycle, with a total bad girl persona. The fight consisted of hair pulling and nasty submissions, that although not real, was so… sexy.

After the match, Ronda was stoked. The UFC seemed like a distant memory. Ronda looked like she was having fun again. She doesn’t have to worry about Holly Holm or Cyborg smashing her face in anytime soon. She probably won’t go the Brock Lesnar route and go back and forth between the UFC and WWE. Ronda wants staged fake fights that will elevate her image. She has that now and she’s all smiles. What do you think? Will Ronda ever get in the octagon again?