Ronda Rousey Gets Engaged to Travis Browne


Things are looking up for the former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.  She recently confirmed to TMZ  that she’s engaged to UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne.  Ronda happily blurted out, “we are getting married.”

Ronda and Travis met while training in the same gym and have been dating for over 1 year.  The fighting couple decided to go on a little outing to New Zealand, where Travis decided to pop the ultimate question.  Travis explained his romantic moment.  “we were out under a waterfall in beautiful New Zealand and it just felt like the perfect place to do it,”  Browne said.

Rousey has been low key since getting knocked out for the second consecutive time in her last fight by Amanda Nunes.  She’s been seen out in public supporting Travis, but he has been on a losing streak of his own, dropping his last three fights.

Ronda said there is currently no date for the big wedding, but hinted that it will not be too far off in the future.  She went on to say she just wants a simple wedding, nothing fancy.  “It can be really easy.  I do not really want a lot of stuff.  Just some place to go, some food and friends,” said Rousey.  Wow, she sounds like a dream girl.  Just hangout with some beer and food and tie the knot.  Screw all the detailed plans.  Most guys go through a year plus of hundreds of details for their brides wedding that drives them nuts.

As for Ronda’s fighting career, she’s kind of uncertain as to whether she will come back or not.  She has millions in the bank and probably doesn’t want her face smashed in anymore than it already has the last two fights.  Dana White also thinks Ronda is done and will stick to acting. After White heard the news of Ronda and Travis getting engaged he said, “I’m very happy for Ronda and I’m looking forward to the wedding.”  Fight fans will hope she gets back in the octagon at least one more time and goes out with a win.

I already did it
I already did it

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