Ronda Rousey has a New Acting Gig

By the looks of it, Ronda Rousey is done with fighting.  The former woman’s UFC champion was seen filming recently on the set of TV’s Blindspot.  She posted photos on Instagram alongside fellow actress Jaimie Alexander.  After several months out of the spotlight Ronda is smiling again.  The former MMA fighter lost her last fight by getting dominated by Amanda Nunes in under a minute.

Apparently, by the looks of it Ronda is set on an acting career going forward.  She lost a couple leading roles in upcoming action films after her most recent loss, but has found a spot on the TV show Blindspot.

Ronda has been seen around New York sporting bright prison orange scrubs and worn-out sneakers.  She didn’t escape from prison, just from fighting.  She plays the role of an inmate who got busted moving weapons across the states.  The spot featuring the 30 year old Rousey is scheduled to air sometime in May.  No word if it will feature a prison fight with Ronda victorious or getting beat down.