Rumble Johnson Decides to Retire

There were two unexpected events that took place Saturday night for the UFC 210 event in New York.  The first was Anthony Johnson’s crazy decision to wrestle Daniel Cormier first and stand-up and strike second.  The decision to grapple Rumble Johnson perplexed everyone, from Joe Rogan cage side to Dana White.

The second thing that shocked everyone came after the fight.  Johnson announced his immediate retirement following the loss.  He stated, “I gave my commitment to another job, something I have wanted to do for a long time.  It’s time for me to move on.”

The fire to fight seems to have been chocked out of Rumble.  Johnson went on to explain that he was tired of getting punched and kicked in the head and rolling around with guys.  Rumble didn’t say exactly what he was doing next, just that it was time to move on.  At the age of 33, Johnson will leave the sport of MMA behind as one of the most feared strikers in any division.  He may come back at some point, but he probably will never fight Daniel Cormier again.