Tyron Woodley is Pissed at Dana White & Threatens to Expose Him


Tyron Woodley is freaking pissed. He just broke the news that he tore his shoulder during the UFC fight and that limited his ability to throw punches.  He’s angry at the fans for booing him and even more at UFC president Dana White for not having his back.

Tyron feels Dana White should not have criticized his performance publicly and that he should have been praised for his take down defense against the world class Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt Demian Maia.  Now Woodley is demanding a public apology from Dana or he is threatening to expose some S$#@ on him. What exactly that S$%@ is, only Tyron knows.

That’s a threat that just can’t end well for Tyron.  For sure Dana will not publicly apologize and will probably just add more criticism to Woodley’s performance. Tyron needs the UFC a lot more than Dana needs Woodley.

Now, the welterweight champions future with the world’s top MMA promotion looks to be on shaky ground. Perhaps Woodley will be forced to swallow his pride and admit his performance lacked aggressive striking and issue an apology to both the fans and Dana White. Then in his next fight, bring the fire and F#$@in throw down!