The UFC Might Sign Gabi Garcia to a Superfight Against Cyborg


Just when you thought Cris Cyborg was the baddest most intimidating female fighter on the planet, out steps Gabi Garcia. ┬áThis 6’2 Brazilian fighter is one bad a*s woman. She competed for years in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but has just recently started her mixed martial arts career. She was discovered by MMA legend Anderson Silva and is becoming a very well rounded MMA fighter under his coaching. Gaby easily destroyed her first four MMA opponents, three in the first round and one in the second. She is undefeated in her MMA career, although she has not faced any elite competition yet. ┬áMMA pros are wondering if there are any fighters that can stop her.

At well over six feet and 225 pounds, she’s built more like a male heavyweight. Fight fans have been speculating and calling out the UFC for a superfight between Gabi and Cyborg. The two Brazilians are made for each other. Cyborg, although she walks around about 60 pounds lighter than Gabi Garcia, is probably the best female MMA striker in the world. On the other hand, size matters. Gabi could take down Cyborg and deliver some intense female ground and pound or submit Cyborg with her elite BJJ.

UFC matchmakers are salivating. They need a female MMA star to step in after Ronda Rousey’s retirement. Gabi Garcia vs Cris Cyborg would be one of the most anticipated female MMA fights ever. Could we finally see, for the first time, a Cyborg killer?

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