Woman MMA Fighter Beats Down Bigger Trash Talking Amateur Brawler in Epic Battle

There’s lots of different ways to earn the respect of a person.  One way is to kick their butt to earn it.  In a Brazilian BJJ gym, a fighter gets pissed when he’s paired with a female sparring partner.  He thinks it is a waste of time and was talking trash to her, threatening to beat her down.  Finally after several others put him up to a $500 bet, he agrees to the bout.  This was a move that would change his view of women forever.

The fight starts out with him just standing around with no respect for her powerful right.  He just stands there as she hits him right in the face.  Apparently that woke him up, as he quickly threw a leg kick that didn’t phase the aggressive female fighter.  She went in for her own kick and then a combination to the face.   This time the amateur fighter moved his head away and danced around to avoid more punishment.

The fight then goes to the ground where the BJJ girl nearly submits the dude with a nice triangle around his neck.  He picks her up and slams her to the ground.  This nearly knocks her out and leaves her with a bloody face.  She never, never quits and keeps coming for more.  The guy then goes for a takedown, which she reverses and then she mounts the guy.  Next, in an act of total humiliation, she submits the helpless man with a torrid arm-bar.

This woman is a warrior and a stereotype buster.  Just like Ronda Rousey before her, she has proven that girls cannot only fight, but beat-up men twice their size.  No word on whether this fighter will ever make it to the UFC but she has earned the respect of men around the world with this awesome MMA battle.